Parasol Aesthetics & Dermatology is the brain-child of Dermatology Nurse Practitioner (NP) Erika Kimble, MA, MS, NP. Erika has 13 years experience in the field after graduating with a dual-masters in Family Practice as an NP and a Journalism and Communications major at The Ohio State University. Previous to her Master’s degree, Erika worked as a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Nurse before returning to school. However, her Doctorate degree is currently in progress at UNLV.

Through the years, Erika’s zeal for educational prowess, excellence in care, and ambition in her field, have garnered her many awards. Her alma mater honored her with the William Oxley Thompson Award for Early Career Achievement. She was also nominated by the College of Nursing as Top 100 Alumni and by independent publications as a Top NP in the country. As an actively involved Las Vegas resident, Erika has been voted Top 100 Women of Vegas by My Vegas Magazine, Women of Wonder Award by Deluxe Version Magazine, and recently cited as a “Dermatology Pioneer” by Las Vegas Woman Magazine.

Beyond the accolades, Erika desired to create a streamlined, cost-efficient business model without the bureaucratic red tape of health insurance. She aimed to encompass the needs of modern Americans, which could include single-entrepreneurial Mom’s like herself, busy families with children, career driven individuals, and those desiring quality care beyond what current clinics can provide. Under the Parasol Brand of Companies, Erika has achieved that. With the launch of Parasol Dermaceuticals, Parasol Virtual Dermatology, and Parasol Aesthetics & Dermatology Clinic; Patients skin, hair, or nail problems can be navigated seamlessly from one source.

Patients can be seen through Parasol Virtual Dermatology Clinic or Parasol Aesthetics & Dermatology physical clinic, to be examined, diagnosed, educated on disease/treatment/maintenance, e-prescribed medications, e-faxed lab orders, shipped accessory skincare supplies, perform procedures (physical clinic only), and have continual easy access for questions via secure text messaging.

For all skincare product needs, patients have access to Unique Dermatology brands for specialty concerns and an affordable Anti-Aging line through Parasol Dermaceuticals. Clinic patients are privy to special discounts to all products sold in the online store.

From head to toe, we’ve got you covered, just as the Parasol logo so aptly implies, an umbrella to protect you from all the elements. Most importantly, in having a concierge practice, Erika is able to keep pricing low and access to visits easily accomplished. The focus is on a quality experience that is comprehensive and catered to the individual you.

Welcome to Aesthetics and Dermatology for the Modern Age, where you are not longer just a number.